Updated December 13,  3:27 AM.
Long range forecast goes to  February 3,  2018
An additional week is added Sunday morning by 4:30
Current accuracy rating from October 16 to December 11,   85%

We all don't like the donation tab and I hate having to have a password and ID to log into a page.     I only ask for donations once a year from now  until the end of December.   All donors over $25 are added to my special email list where I send emails for special weather. 
All donors from $100 to $300 receive a free wireless Acurite thermometer.
All doners from $300 to $600 receive a free wireless Pro Acurite  5 in 1 weather station.  Model 0136M.

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Let me introduce myself,
I am a meteorologist.
I forecast the conditions for human lives,
but I can't control it.

I too, look out and wonder where the snow is,
and what I did wrong.
Then remember, it's not my fault.
I can't control it.

If you want rain, 
I wish it could do it.
I can only do my best to predict it,
so understand that.

I can give you this promise,
that I will only do the best I can.
Your friendship is just as important,
in this life climate of human lives.

I am your meteorologist.

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